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Program Plan Management offers the support you need to help manage your NDIS Plan.


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Program Plan Management is designed to identify areas with flexibility to maximize your spending as well as any potential problems with overspending so we can notify you promptly of any red flags with your account.

We will help you develop the skills you need to manage your own funds with our projected estimates of expenses, so that you can learn how to stay within your budget and plan your expenses.

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Enables you to monitor your budget to avoid overspending and maximise your available funds

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Plan Manager?

A Plan Manager processes all the payments for products and services under a NDIS plan.

What are the alternatives to a Plan Manager?

There are three options to manage your NDIS funding - self-managed, plan-managed or NDIA-managed.

Does a Plan Manager cost any money?

Not to a participant. Plan Management is separately funded by the NDIS.

How to check if your plan includes a Plan Manager?

A plan will have an allocation in Capacity Building for Improved Life Choices.

How are providers?

When products or supports are recieved from a service provider, the service provider will email invoices to: These invoices are checked by us and processed into the NDIS system, making sure they are prompty paid.

Is it easy to change Plan Managers?

Yes, a participant may change Plan Managers at any time.

How to keep track of the Plan's budget?

We email or post out monthly statements, as well as providing free access to our portal that shows up-to-date budgets and projected limits.

How to start having a Plan Manager?

You may either phone us on 1800-876-111, or email us at We are here to help.

How to find the providers of services?

The best place to find local providers is at Aus Provider Finder.

Here at Program Plan Management

We at Program Plan Management (PPM) have a diverse range of experience, talents and interests.

Ranging from graduate accounting from the University of Tasmania and a graduate diploma in legal pracice from the Australian National University, to a degree in information technology from the University of New South Wales.

Our work experience covers both government and private industry with various accounting related roles.

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